The Africa Leadership Congress (ALC) was a vision conceived in many hearts and embodied in the conversations of many generations of Africans.  United in their love for Africa, yet coming from different backgrounds, the leaders of this grassroots movement responded to the call.  The ALC was birthed through individuals who have faith in Africa and believe that a platform for Africa’s true voice should be heard.

In spite of Africa’s current challenges, the founders have faith in the greatness of Africa’s future.  ALC is a progressive voice that seeks to increase understanding among the international community for the betterment of the continent and the world at large.

Political, economic and social challenges that took decades to develop cannot be solved overnight.  Emerging or fledgling democracies cannot be expected to function comparably to nations with centuries of constitutional experience.  The vast array of cultural resources among Africa’s 54 nations should not be lost amidst goals for continued advancement.  These issues can only be understood by giving voice to the lives of Africans themselves.  Real solutions will continue to evade the international community unless Africa participates in their creation and implementation.

The ALC is committed to promoting resources and potential unique to Africa.  While supporting democracy, freedom and good governance, we also confront human rights and social justice issues.  By connecting with the worldwide African diaspora, ALC will also provide a vehicle for native sons and daughters to return home and engage their destinies.


  • Provide transformational leadership
  • Empower a positive image of Africa
  • Give all Africans a respected voice
  • Unite leaders who affect positive change for Africa
  • Contribute to Africa’s advancement
  • Enable Africans to positively impact humanity