Core Programs


Why has the ALC been created? For too many years Africa has been branded as the dark continent, and the Western media has aligned itself with the images and messages of war, poverty, famine, disease and disaster that have come to represent Africa and her people. Added to that, Africans themselves have dispersed around the globe in search of improved lives and better opportunities. From distant shores, they lose touch with the motherland that birthed them, and embrace new challenges of integration and acceptance in their adopted countries of residence. But the time has come to speak up for Africa, to reflect the many faces that Africa has, and to change global perceptions of our continent.

With over fifty years of serving their African and International communities, the founding members of the Africa Leadership Congress have united around a powerful vision of working to promote and empower Africa worldwide by influencing and building positive interactions that will restore, rebuild and rebrand perspectives of Africa and her people. As visionary international pioneers and leaders in their respective fields, the founders are accustomed to being a voice for Africa, and serving as advocates for uplifting the continent through progressive actions and accelerated change.

They have chosen to come together and create the Africa Leadership Congress as a dynamic platform for engaging with global leaders, policy-makers, business influencers and social advocates in order to promote an ongoing dialogue around the changing face of Africa. The founders of the Africa Leadership Congress are also committed to serving the interests of the greater African community, including the diaspora, offering a social foundation within which individuals can find their sense of purpose and belonging

ALC Committees

  • Economic – Technology, Business
  • Social – Family, Youth
  • Governmental – Policy, Immigration, Legal
  • Cultural – Sports, Media, Entertainment
  • Spiritual – Ethics, Faith, Morality
  • Environmental – Sustainability
  • Educational
  • Health

Information Regarding ALC Committees:

  1. Each committee will be led by a chair.
  2. Each committee will have between 7-10 members. Committee members will not be limited to the board or organization memberships.
  3. Committees would be encouraged to utilize known experts in the African Immigrant Community and other friends of the community and Africa.
  4. Each committee led by a chair will come up with public policy issues that benefit the African Immigrant Community and Africa as a whole
  5. Each committee led by a chair will also suggest program and events that will help achieve ALC objectives and could be adopted by member organizations, church denominations and independent organizations.